How I get a Gaming Laptop for Finding a Bug in a Company

Lenovo Ideapad Y700

Hi there!

Most of you in infosec community know me as noob security tester, today i got my all time favourite Laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y700 in my hand.

1 Month later one of my friend give me a site for testing. Mostly i test low hanging fruits as you know i am noob :D . I found some CSRF in that company site and after few hours later i got the reply with 100$ amazon gift card bounty.

I was not interested in amzon gift cards as you know amazon did not ships in Pakistan. But i thought about more testing that site, i found around 10 bugs in that site and each of bug i got 100$ amazon gift card.

In total 1000$ i decided to buy a gaming laptop for me, so i decided to buy lenovo ideapad Y700.

I found a 3rd party site shipito for shipping amazon products to Pakistan.They tell me their address of warehouse which is in California.Amazon shiped my laptop to shipito warehouse within 3 days.

On receiving my laptop, shipito send me 3 pics of my parcel and ask me which courier service i want to choose. I choose Fedex priority because i know they are more reliable.

Shipito charges me 116$ as fedex charges. They send on 8 august via Fedex. On 13 August my laptop reaches at LAHORE International Airport.Fedex tells me that your parcel stuck by Pakistani customs and you should provide some documents. I provided.After that they tell me customs is asking money as custom tax which was about 19k PKR. I paid that amount and customs cleared my laptop on 29 August. On 30 august i received call from Fedex that you can collect your parcel and 7.3k PKR extra needed as Aviation tax.

So total 26k PKR and 116$ = 14228PKR , grand total = 40k PKR charged in total for shipping my laptop which has cost 963$ at that time.

So this is for my PAKISTANI fellows who want to import electronics products from Amazon.

Information Security Researcher

Information Security Researcher