Man is a social animal and to live a life we need wealth so we can overcome our social needs. Most of the time when we graduate from university,we try to find a job so we can earn some bucks.

For me, true wealth is the ability to earn enough money to live comfortably without having to work. I don’t want to achieve this when I’m 65, I want to achieve it as soon as possible.

We all want to live a life with full of our desires. Some want to buy a dream house some need a super car(As…

Hi! My name is Ali and i am security researcher from Pakistan.

In this article i will explain how i takeover a subdomain which is mapped on netlify. Netlify is platform for web developers to upload their web projects and showcase to world.Netlify allow web developers to add custom domain or subdomain to their projects.

So i was searching for sites on google using some my recent google dorks.I land to a page am not disclosing site due to some reasons,Don’t mind :D) and i saw their scope for testing. I just open …

Lenovo Ideapad Y700

Hi there!

Most of you in infosec community know me as noob security tester, today i got my all time favourite Laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y700 in my hand.

1 Month later one of my friend give me a site for testing. Mostly i test low hanging fruits as you know i am noob :D . I found some CSRF in that company site and after few hours later i got the reply with 100$ amazon gift card bounty.

I was not interested in amzon gift cards as you know amazon did not ships in Pakistan. But i thought about more…

Ali Razzaq

Information Security Researcher

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